Solutions for brand growth in B2B sector


We are striving for achievement of the goals of the brand following the principles of integrated marketing.

We provide comprehensive services, i.e. we help to formulate the goals, develop a strategy, implement a marketing plan consistently and evaluate the results obtained. We work with B2B sector, industrial and manufacturing companies.




Introduction to the market


Raising the profile


Formation of corporate image


Sales promotion


We start with an individual analysis, set goals, and only then do we take specific marketing and advertising actions.

Analysis of the situation

Any business operates or plans to operate in a certain environment. The essential task of marketing is to get to know that environment. One can make profitable, targeted communication and advertising solutions only upon getting acquainted with the competitive environment and the potential customer. The analysis of the situation allows creating more effective brand positioning and strategy. The type of the analyses required depends on the product and its demand.

Positioning strategy

It is difficult to stand out in such a competitive abundance of brands. So, the brands that create an emotional and intellectual connection with the customer always win. Thus, creating a logo is not enough. It is important to convey the history of the brand, to identify and put in a row the key aspects of communication, to refine the uniqueness of the brand and the promise to the customer. Our task is to bring the vision of your brand to the expectations of the target customer close as possible. The positioning strategy shows the spot where you can be on the general market map.

Marketing plan

Consistent and constant communication is a guarantee of good results. Consistency is guaranteed by a carefully developed marketing plan that reflects the goals set for a specific period and the means by which you are going to achieve those goals. It covers not only product distribution and availability, but also promotion actions, i.e. it indicates the advertising channels and audiences, to which the main communication messages will be broadcasted. The developed plan ensures that the target information reaches the customer each time he comes into contact with the brand.

During the implementation of the marketing plan, we measure the results periodically and, if necessary, adjust it in cooperation with the client.

Planning advertising campaigns

Every brand has tactical goals. These goals may include sales promotion, formation of image or raising the profile. Integrated solutions are needed to achieve each goal.

We generate ideas for messages and plan their distribution channels and frequency. Our aim is to create a message that reaches the target customer at the right time. We measure the effectiveness of advertising through the prism of the achievement of the set goals.


We develop effective creative solutions that help to send the necessary brand messages to the target audiences. Be sure to be heard.

Brand identity & design

For those who have a vision of a new brand or are willing to renew their brand, we offer to start with a visual identity – we create easy-to-remember, modern and attractive logos. We develop a corporate style that ensures graphic integrity of the brand in different distribution channels.


In active sales, a persuasive presentation of the company is a must: it can be used for presentation of the activities, achievements and projects implemented by the company. The era of descriptive presentations is over – attract the attention of your customers and demonstrate your capabilities in an attractive way. We present the provided information in a well-structured way and set out the most important aspects clearly to make presentations easy to remember.

Presentation & promotional videos

Video content remains the most effective form of advertising. We generate an idea and realise it creatively. The form of the video content is chosen depending on your goal – want to represent the product, highlight the advantages of the brand, or maybe explain the principle of operation of the service?

Available video content options: video, 2D and 3D animations.

Web & development

Corporate website is a business card of a company. This is the first place that the target customers interested in the brand will visit, so it is well worth making sure that your online space is impeccable, easy to use and attractive. The main function of the website is to turn a visitor into a customer.

We provide comprehensive website development services: from web design and text generation to the development of mobile applications, optimisation of search engines, integration with social communication networks.

Content and social marketing

Every message published in the social space is important – it is used not only as a means to achieve sales goals, but also for shaping the image of the brand. We live in a digital age where an average person scrolls through several hundred meters of records every day. Therefore, you have to stand out to be noticed.

We create tasteful and interesting content for brand communication, disseminate it by selecting target channels, ensure consistency and stability.


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